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CNC Electronic Specialists: Save Time and Money.

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CNC Electronics Inc: CNC parts and services to the machine tools industry of Americausa, canada, mexico, brazil, venezuela, argentina. north central south america. Fanuc: Drives, Monitors, Controls and Systems PCBs (master and memory), Power Supply Units, Transistors, Motors and Encoders, etc. GE: Drives, Monitors, Systems and control boards (GE 2000), motors, PSU. Siemens: Monitors, Drives, Systems cards. Mitsubishi: Monitors and Transistors. Hitachi: Monitors, Transistors, etc. Mazak: Monitors.

CNC Monitors come with 2 Year Warranty.

Full services are availabe on all Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Module featured in the 2013 Fanuc parts focus. Fanuc Alpha power modules, including PSM, aiPS, PSMi, aiPS HV, PSM HV. Fanuc Alpha power supply module drive services include exchange, repair, testing and surplus with Huge savings, hence our focus.
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  • Fanuc Alpha A06B-6077-H106 PSM
  • Fanuc Alpha A06B-6077-H111 PSM
  • Fanuc Alpha A06B-6087-H115 PSM
  • Fanuc Alpha A06B-6087-H126 SPM
  • Fanuc Alpha A06B-6087-H130 PSM
  • Fanuc Alpha A06B-6087-H145 PSM
  • Fanuc Alpha A06B-6091-H145 PSM HV
  • Fanuc Alpha A06B-6091-H175 PSM HV
  • Fanuc Alpha A06B-6110-H011 aiPS
  • Fanuc Alpha A06B-6110-H026 aiPS
  • Fanuc Alpha A06B-6110-H030 aiPS
  • Fanuc Alpha A06B-6120-H045 aiPS
  • Fanuc Alpha A06B-6120-H075 aiPS
  • Fanuc Alpha A06B-6140-H030 aiPS
  • Fanuc Alpha A06B-6140-H055 aiPS
  • Fanuc Alpha A06B-6150-H030 aiPS HV
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Welcome to CNC electronics site, too the left is links for the major CNC component parts that make the CNC system; to the right are CNC services, and smaller CNC products that are part of the major CNC parts. And if you know the manufacturer of the CNC computer numerical control system then go to the links up top, as they get specific and stay specific about that OEM manufacturers products. CNC delivers in time with big savings!

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